What Can I Expect Movers to Do (And NOT Do?)

“Moving is a blast!” Said no one. Ever.

But there are ways to make it easier, faster and less stressful. One of the best ways to do that is to have great communication with your movers up front to avoid any unpleasant surprises on moving day. Here’s a list to help you minimize moving day misunderstandings and start the day out right.

  1. Pack it up. Unless you’ve hired your moving company to pack you, you should be fully packed by the time they arrive. And the answer to the question “How many boxes do I need?” is always “Ten more than you thought you possibly could.” If you’re scrambling on moving day, call your moving company as soon as you realize you’re running short. They might be able to bring some to you when they arrive.
  2. Expect protection. Your movers should take every precaution to protect your floors, walls and furniture. Wrapping your furniture with blankets, furniture pads and shrink wrap should be included in the price of your move. If you have very delicate floors or light-colored carpet, you should ask the moving company to add carpet and floor protectors to your order.
  3. Lug your own liquids. Movers cannot move chemicals, paint or cleaning supplies. In essence, if it sloshes when they pick it up or there’s a chance of it spilling in their truck, it can’t go in. You’ll need to pack these items ahead of time and perhaps plan to move them in one of your own vehicles.
  4. Most “blasts” are good, but… Movers also can’t move fertilizer or gas grill tanks. It kinda goes without saying that no one wants your moving truck to explode.
  5. Keep your treasures close. To reduce any risk of heartbreak, you should plan to move your most precious valuables such as fine jewelry or irreplaceable family heirlooms yourself. No matter how careful your movers are, moving day is chaotic, and it’s possible for things to get lost or broken. After all, your movers are human. Simply don’t take any chances with things you feel can never be replaced.
  6. Choose wisely. Most importantly, you should expect that your movers show up with smiles on their faces and a can-do attitude! No matter how organized you are, you’re bound to be feeling some stress. Your professional moving team should do everything in their power to make your day easier, more efficient, and dare we even say…a blast? The good kind.

Jay’s Moving Company 

There are plenty of moving companies in Indiana. Choosing experienced, compassionate and professional movers can make all the difference when the big day comes around. Jay’s Moving Company takes pride in making your move with them “The Best Move You’ll Ever Make.” Jay’s is a Hoosier-owned company that’s been doing things “The Jay’s Way” and proudly serving Indiana since 1951. For northern Indiana or long-distance moves, call 260-747-5625. For central Indiana moves, call 317-638-7033. For information about Jay’s services and pricing, visit our website.