Top Seven Tips to Save Money on Your Move

saving money moving Let’s face it. Moving isn’t cheap. It can also be pretty stressful. Here’s the good news. If you’re organized and prepared in the months before your move, you’ll not only have less stress on moving day, but you’ll save a good chunk of money too. Here are seven top tips to save money on your move. You’ll add dollars to your bank account and zen to your moving day.

  1. Combine storage and moving companies. If you know now that all of your things aren’t going to fit at your final destination, look for a moving company that also offers storage. There will often be deals available if you book moving and storage at the same time.
  2. Clean it out. Every box you move will ultimately add dollars to moving day. Get ruthless about cleaning out cabinets, bookshelves, attics, basements and garages in the months before the move. Donate canned goods, unread books and clothes you don’t wear anymore, shred old files, recycle old magazines and take old paint and other chemicals to your community’s “tox drop.” Also, now’s the time to cash in that piggy bank. There’s no sense in packing up a bunch of heavy coins. You can start from scratch saving your pennies in your new digs.
  3. Start saving boxes early. How many boxes do you need? The answer is: at least ten more than you think you possibly could. Ask friends who work in places where deliveries are frequent to start saving boxes for you several months before your move. The last thing you want to do is realize that you have no option in the days before your move other than running to your local shipping store and paying a premium for them. You might also ask your moving company if they’re running any specials on boxes when you book your move.
  4. Be ready when the movers arrive. On moving day, time is money. If you’re not ready and your movers are standing around waiting for direction, you’re tossing money down the drain. Most movers will be happy to pitch in and help you pack if you’re still scrambling when they arrive, but that extra time will not have been figured into your estimate, so don’t be surprised if your final bill is more than you expected.
  5. Be organized. Label boxes with their destination room to make unloading go smoothly. Hold a quick “meeting” with your movers when they arrive and give them a tour of the house so everyone knows where they’re going. Get the name of the team leader and communicate all of your questions and concerns to him throughout the day to keep everyone on the same page.
  6. Hire the pros. It can be tempting to compare pricing on rental trucks to full-service movers but you’re not comparing apples to apples. When you add up the cost of paying mileage and surcharges on a rental truck, the cost of whatever food and favors you’ll have to pay your friends with and most importantly, the potential cost of accidents resulting from inexperienced movers injuring themselves or damaging your possessions, you’ll find that hiring the pros is the most cost-effective way to go.
  7. Move midweek or off-season. This is absolutely the number one way to save money on your move. Statistics show that 75% of moves in the U.S. happen on Fridays and Saturdays between May and September. If there’s any possible way to avoid it, don’t be in that majority. There are typically great discounts and special promotions to be had in off-season or for moving Monday through Thursday. If you can take a paid vacation day and move midweek, you could really bank some bucks. (Which you can use to buy those dreamy new drapes and rugs for your new place!)

Moving can be a time for new beginnings. Start fresh in your new home with a well organized moving day and use the dollars you save to decorate your new digs!

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