The Top Five Reasons to Plan a Midweek Move

midweek moves Are you planning a move this summer? If so, you may be interested to know that 20 million other people in the U.S. are also moving then, and possibly considering moving on the same weekend as you. How do you avoid getting caught up in the crush of weekend summer moves?

Do a midweek move.It’s the best way to get around the crowds and probably save some money too. Here are some great reasons why that’s true:

  1. The basic law of supply and demand. It’s the same reason flights to Florida are more expensive during spring break and hotels near a stadium are more expensive on game weekends. Some moving companies and rental truck companies may actually raise their rates on weekends in the summer.
  2. Get a deal. Do you love a bargain? If so, mid-week moves are the way to go. Many moving companies offer incentives such as discounts and free moving supplies if you schedule your move Monday through Thursday.
  3. Avoid the wait. Because so many other folks move on Saturday morning, traffic jams at loading docks and elevators are common if you’re moving into or out of an apartment or condo complex. Moving mid-week will allow you to avoid the hassle of waiting for elevators or getting stuck waiting your turn to park your truck.
  4. Avoid the traffic. Weekend traffic can be crazy since so many people who work during the week are out running errands on their days off. If you’ve already moved by the time Saturday rolls around, you can spend your weekend unpacking and getting settled into your new place.
  5. Your neighbors will be at work. If your new neighbors are home on moving day, you’ll be meeting them when you’re tired and frazzled. It’s not the best time to make a first impression. If you move in on a weekday, you’ll be more likely to have time to get settled in and meet your neighbors when you’re rested, relaxed and ready to socialize.

Moving day can be the start of a great new chapter in your life, and there are lots of ways to reduce stress and save money during your move. So contact your moving company today, and ask what specials they have available if you move during the week. You’ll be glad you did!

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