Tips and Tricks for Moving into Your New-Build Home

Moving to new-build home

You’ve spent countless hours working with your builder customizing your new-build home. From picking out the perfect floorplan to choosing the finish on your countertops, you’ve been hands-on throughout this whole process. You’re already fantasizing about the housewarming party you’ll be throwing once you’re settled in. But before you mail the invitations, check out this list of tips and tricks for moving into new-build homes that can help you have a smoother moving day.



  • Save the date. As your builder puts on the final touches, you’ll receive an estimated date for moving into your new-build home. Call your moving company to get on the schedule as soon as you get this, and remember that you might get a better price if you consider a weekday move.
  • Get insured. Schedule a conversation with your insurance agent as soon as you sign the papers on your new house. Your new home will most likely require different levels of coverage than your existing home, and you don’t want to wait until after you move in to get your home covered.
  • Lighten your load. Take this opportunity to declutter your life. Moving into a new-build home is a chance to start fresh and become more organized. Be brutal in your clean-out efforts and assess your existing furniture. Will it go with your new decor, or should you donate some things and start with new?
  • Expect the unexpected. With custom homes in particular, there can be bumps in the road. Even if you’ve been given an estimated date to move into your new-build home, it’s not set in stone. Your moving company should be flexible with dates and understand that your new home’s completion date is beyond your control. Things happen. It rains, electrical wires get crossed, cabinets are stained the wrong color, so have a backup plan ready. If you have to be out of your current house before your new home is ready, consider renting a storage vault for all of your items until you’re ready for move-in day.
  • Use your floorplan. Use the floorplan your new home builder gave you and plot out where you want to put your furniture. They may even have an interactive floorplan on their website you can use. Then, on moving day, your movers will know exactly where they’re heading.
  • Mind your driveway. Brand new driveways can be easily damaged. You should let your moving company know if your driveway is less than 30 days old. Ask your builder if it’s okay for a moving truck to drive on it once you know your date for moving into your new-build home. If your builder is concerned that the driveway could be damaged, your moving company should be prepared to bring dollies and extra manpower to load things in from the street.
  • Tread lightly. Your movers should bring neoprene runners and also pad-wrap your furniture and railings free of charge. However, you might want additional protection for brand new hardwood floors and carpeting. If possible, go in a day early and lay down heavy-duty building paper over your floors. You can also order extra floor pads from your movers.

Moving into new-build home

Moving into a new home means opening a brand new chapter in your life. Once the business of unpacking and settling in is done, the fun of decorating and organizing your new home begins. Enjoy every moment … a lifetime of new memories awaits.

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