Pare Down the Clutter in the New Year if You’re Planning a Move

Most of us really love our stuff. Some things, we hold onto for sentimental reasons– a teddy bear that someone we love won for us a long time ago or cards and pictures that the kids made (for the last ten years…) Other things have piled up because we just haven’t taken time to get rid of them– old magazines, clothes that no longer fit us despite our best-intentioned New Year’s resolutions (for the last ten years…) The start of a new year is the best time to clear out the clutter. And if you’re planning a move in the next few months, the time to start paring down what you’ll have to pack is now!

Here’s a handy list of ways you can lighten your load when moving day comes.

  • Get rid of any clothes you haven’t worn in a year. Yes, we know, you’re planning to start eating better and working out so that you can fit back into the things that are too small. Here’s a better idea: eat right and work out and then treat yourself to some new clothes. Donate your old clothes to an organization that will do good things with them, such as Dress for Success.
  • If you’ve got a pile of magazines sitting around because there’s one article or recipe in each one that you wanted to save, spend a Sunday morning going through them. Tear out each article or recipe and put them all in a ring binder. Then, it’s off to the recycle bin with what’s left!
  • Clean out your leftover container drawer. You’ve probably got about twenty containers in there that have no lids (or vice versa.) And, no, you don’t need to move that Cool-Whip container. You can always get another one.
  • Purge your paper files. Paper is heavy! The last thing you want to do is tote boxes of old files to your new home and then realize you don’t need them when you’re unpacking. Back to the Sunday morning strategy of plowing through them and sorting out what’s no longer relevant. Take them to a shredding service and move on.

Taking a little time to pare down the clutter in the cold winter months is the best way to welcome a fresh start in the spring. It’s too cold to go outside anyway. Planning a move can feel overwhelming, but when you’re ready to move, the friendly and efficient team of moving experts at Jay’s Moving Company will be ready to help you get there– it’s the best move you’ll ever make!