You’re Getting Married! Moving Tips to Peacefully Combine Households.

married couple moving into one household

Congratulations! You’re about to tie the knot. You’re both currently obsessing over wedding details and planning your honeymoon. It’s stressful and exciting–there’s little time to think about anything else right now. But here’s something you’ll want to discuss before you return from your honeymoon. When you’re getting married, you might need some moving tips to peacefully combine households. Having an open conversation and making a plan before moving day is essential.

You may be moving across the country or just across the street. Regardless of whether you’re moving into your significant other’s home, they’re moving into yours or you’re moving into a new house that you’ve chosen together, making assumptions about what’s coming with and what will have to be left behind can potentially cause a bit of discord in your otherwise harmonious new union.

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you live happily ever after moving into your new, joint household:

  1. Make a plan before moving day. Have an open and honest conversation about big picture things well in advance of moving day. You may both be envisioning your own sofas in the living room. But most likely, one of them will have to go in another room or be sold. Either way, moving day is not the day to have this conversation.
  2. Pare down as much as possible prior to moving day. Decide in advance how storage and closet space will be shared in your new home, and plan accordingly. Even if your new home has tons of storage space, it doesn’t make sense to pay to move things the two of you will never use. Save your money. You can put that extra cash toward your honeymoon!  
  3. Be empathetic. If your spouse-to-be digs in his or her heels about a particular item that you find unattractive or less than useful, try to understand what’s behind the resistance to part with it. Was it a gift from a grandparent or something he or she made in school? If there’s sentimental value attached, be flexible and find room in your heart and home for it. This moving tip can be a tough pill to swallow, but it’s worth following.
  4. Be open to negotiation. You’re simply not going to agree on everything when you move in together for the first time. Everyone has different priorities and preferences. You might find yourself saying things like, “I’ll get rid of one bin of shoes if you’ll get rid of half of that shot glass collection.” That’s okay. Those types of negotiations are unavoidable and probably even healthy for your relationship. Remember that you both have to give a little and that these conversations can be really funny later, even if they’re stressful now.
  5. Have a Plan B. Consider getting a storage vault for things that are in limbo until after the frenzy of the wedding day and big move are done. Sort these items into a separate location and have the movers load them up and store them for you. You can sort through it all later when there’s less pressure.

Moving into your first home together is a wonderful time in your lives. You’ll be building a lifetime of memories together. Make sure you start out on the right foot by listening to each other and making room for each other’s things– the good, the bad and the (in your opinion) ugly. Make sure you consider these moving tips to peacefully combine households. In the end, it will be worth it.

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