We do things the Jay's Way!

It takes a village to move a family. Meet the leaders in our family who work hard every day to make sure that things get done the Jay's Way.

Patrick Drabick

Executive Director

Patrick keeps the wheels turning around here. He comes to Jay’s from a background in the US Navy, as a Talent Acquisition and Development Specialist, as well as Manager of Area Operations. Which is another way of saying that he really knows how to whip team into shape. And while he is unfailingly goofy, funny and cheerful, we’d all rather not know what it means for him to go all “Senior Chief,” so we toe the line. When he’s not working, you’ll find Patrick spending time with his family-- a wife, two boys and two rescue dogs, or watching racing. So, when he’s not watching wheels on the trucks going “‘round and ‘round” here at Jay’s, he’s watching them go ‘round a track somewhere else.

"“The Jay’s Way is treating each other like family. We deliver personalized service and take care of our customers. We always remember that we’re not moving things… we’re moving people.” "

Brandon Mason, Sr.

Director of Operations, Indianapolis

Brandon comes to Jay’s with a long background in logistics, operations and team development. We’re feeling pretty lucky to have him. Having worked for larger firms, Brandon loves the family feeling at Jay’s. He’s constantly working to refine our processes and get things even more organized around here. A Hoosier through and through, Brandon gives equal love to the Pacers, the Colts and IU Men’s Basketball.

"“The Jay’s Way is appreciation. Putting people first. Without our customers, we wouldn’t be here and we always need to remember that. Moving day is a big day and we need to make our customers feel as comfortable as possible.” "

Amanda Small

Office Director, Indianapolis

We all refer to Amanda as the “glue” that holds us all together. Amanda has been with Jay’s for almost six years, so she knows all the tricks of the trade. Jay’s literally feels like home to her because her mom works here too! Amanda’s is most likely the first voice you’ll hear when you call, and with her can-do, problem-solving attitude, no matter what question you ask her, we’ll be surprised if she doesn’t find a way to say yes. Amanda also loves all things racing, as her dad raced stock cars and she spent a lot of time with him at the track as a kid. Like most of us here at Jay’s, Amanda is an animal lover, and she has two rescue pets-- a dog named Smoke and a cat named Caley.

"“The Jay’s Way is to make moving day as easy as possible. If we can find a way to say yes, we say yes. Because when you’re family, that’s what you do.” "