You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Moving can feel overwhelming. We’re sure you’ve got questions. Don’t worry… we’ve got answers! (And the answer is probably YES!)

How our Rates Are Detemined

Do You Offer Free Estimates?

We absolutely do! You can get a quick, free estimate here, but we’ll also send an estimator to you, free of charge, to give you our best estimate of your final cost on moving day.

Can You Help Me Move Just One or Two Things?

You bet. Our team of experienced movers can help you, whether you’re moving a single item or a an entire lifetime’s worth of stuff!

Can I Rent My Own Truck?

Sure, if you’d rather. Our guys will load and unload it for you. But you’ll incur a rental fee on top of their fuel fee, and it will probably end up costing you more than just letting Jay’s do it all.

How Do You Charge For Labor Time?

The labor time starts when your crew arrives at the first location for your move and stops when the crew moves the last piece in at your final location. You’ll be asked to initial these start and stop times. The labor is billed in 15 minute increments and the labor rate is based on your crew size and moving date.

How Do You Charge For Travel and Fuel?

A travel charge is standard on every move. You might see other companies calling this a “service charge.” The base travel charge is one hour, unless your locations fall outside our radius. Travel time is comprised of the time it takes for our team to get from our warehouse to your first location and from your final location back to our warehouse. Additionally, there is a standard per truck fuel charge on every move.

What Supplies Will You Bring?

Our team will arrive with blankets, furniture pads and shrink wrap to protect your possessions during the move. But, if you run out of boxes on moving day (and you ALWAYS need more boxes than you think you do!) just give us a call. We can add some boxes onto your order and deliver them to you! We can also add on carpet and floor protectors if you need them.

Can You Store What I Don't Have Room for?

Absolutely! We have safe and secure storage vaults available and we’re happy to tuck your treasured possessions safely away and keep an eye on them until you’re ready.