Consider a Storage Vault to Lighten Your Load Before Your Move

Fort Wayne storage vault

Life is made up of memories. Every move to a new home is a time to revisit those memories as you pack your things and head off to your new adventure. While packing, you may realize that you’re boxing and moving some items that you haven’t looked at or used in years, but simply can’t part with. They may be keepsakes from your childhood, heirloom furniture that you’re saving for your kids, collectibles you want to pass down to your grandchildren or seasonal items you plan to use when the time is appropriate.

To save time, space and money on your move, it’s really a good idea to have an honest conversation with yourself about whether or not you’ll actually be able to pass on the items you’re holding onto (and whether or not the people you’re holding onto them for actually want them!) After the assessment, think about storing the keepers in a storage vault instead of moving them.

Fort Wayne storage vault Storage vaults can be a safe and cost effective way to keep items that you can’t immediately use or don’t have room for. In addition to storing things you want to pass on to the next generation, here are some other times you might find yourself in need of a storage vault:

  • You’re building a new home but need to be out of your current home before it’s ready.
  • You’re renovating rooms in your home and need a safe, clean place to keep your furnishings until the renovation is complete.
  • You’re getting married, and you need a little extra time to assimilate your two households.
  • You have seasonal items such as snowblowers, holiday decorations or camping equipment that you only use at certain times of the year.

Storage vaults are a great alternative to mobile storage and self-storage units. They allow you to rent only as much space as you need. Unlike pods and many storage units, storage vaults are typically climate-controlled and your belongings are under video surveillance at all times.

Storage vaults are often owned and maintained by professional moving companies, so it’s especially convenient on moving day to simply have your movers pack up your extra items and take them directly to storage. Some moving companies will even pick up your items for free when you rent storage vaults from them.

So as you’re preparing for your next move, make an honest assessment of the things you’re planning to take with you. If the items you’re moving are items you won’t be using for a while, have your moving company take them directly to a storage vault for you. You’ll be delighted to have lightened your load for now, and your treasured possessions will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready for them.Fort Wayne storage vault

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