Client Spotlight: Leif & Ann Nulsen

Over the years, Jay’s has been fortunate to have many long-standing relationships with customers, but the relationship with the Leif and Ann Nulsen has spanned over several decades and numerous moves. Mr. Nulsen said, “We had drifted away from Jay’s for one of our moves and it was a real mistake. So we called them back and we were very impressed with the way it turned out.”

The latest move for the Nulsens took place this August when they felt it was time to downsize, which often means letting go of many items in your home. But one thing Leif Nulsen could NOT let go of was his grand piano. The beautiful mahogany Baldwin is a showpiece in the Nulsen home and will become a renewed focus for Mr. Nulsen now that he’s retired.

Leif played piano many years ago as a child, starting at about age six. But the demands of everyday life took his time and attention away from his aspiration to play regularly. But with the recent move now complete and retirement in front of him, it’s time to start tickling the ivories once again!

Leif bought the Baldwin piano 20 years ago and it has a self-player device, so it houses many intricate parts. He knew that moving this piece was going to be a challenge for any moving company given the size and weight alone, but then came the maneuvering it took to get it up the ramp and loaded, travel over 50 miles, unload down the ramp, and then fit it through the door opening! He felt sure this was a recipe for disaster, but Jay’s team carried it through the door and all the way to the back of the house where they reattached the legs and set it in place, all without missing a beat.

After a few days, Leif noticed the piano seemed odd somehow. He said, “It took me a while to figure out what wasn’t quite right, but then I realized that two of the legs were switched. They look almost identical, so it stumped me for a while.” So Mr. Nulsen called customer service at Jay’s and they sent a team out right away. It was the Friday afternoon right before Labor Day, yet here came the team of 4 men to square things up properly before the long weekend.

The Nulsens have trusted Jay’s Moving over many years, but seeing them come through again has made them huge fans! Leif said, “They came in under budget, not a thing was broken or damaged, they were organized, effective, and really knew what they were doing. But most importantly, they are a great group of people!

We wish Leif many happy hours at his keyboard and we wish Ann many happy hours of listening. Retirement never sounded so good!