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The Top Six Things to Consider When Hiring a Mover

Moving can be exciting, with the promise of a new home (or even a new home town!) It can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and incredibly stressful. Much like planning a wedding, you can plot out as many details as you want, but in the end, part of the success of it depends on the other people you entrust to bring it all together. And while there will always be factors outside of anyone’s control (like the weather!) your moving day can either be smooth sailing or a downright disaster. Here are the Top 6 Things to Consider to ensure that your day is more of the former than the latter!


Jay’s Moving Helps Make Indy a Better Place to Live!

Since 1951, Jay’s Moving has been giving back to Indianapolis. Along the way, we have partnered with many local non-profits that you know and love. Shepherd Community Center has been breaking the cycle of poverty in Indianapolis since 1985. Shepherd Community and Jay’s work together to collect toys during Shepherd’s Christmas Toy Drive. In 2013, […]