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Tips and Tricks for Moving into Your New-Build Home

You’ve spent countless hours working with your builder customizing your new-build home. From picking out the perfect floorplan to choosing the finish on your countertops, you’ve been hands-on throughout this whole process. You’re already fantasizing about the housewarming party you’ll be throwing once you’re settled in. But before you mail the invitations, check out this […]


The Top Five Reasons to Plan a Midweek Move

Are you planning a move this summer? If so, you may be interested to know that 20 million other people in the U.S. are also moving then, and possibly considering moving on the same weekend as you. How do you avoid getting caught up in the crush of weekend summer moves? Do a midweek move.It’s […]


Five Moving Tips for Packing your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where meals are created, memories are made and laughs are shared. Which is why, when it comes to packing for a move, packing the kitchen can feel overwhelming. However, if you have a plan and a schedule, it’s easier than you think.  Here are five moving […]


The Top Six Things to Consider When Hiring a Mover

Moving can be exciting, with the promise of a new home (or even a new home town!) It can also be exhausting, overwhelming, and incredibly stressful. Much like planning a wedding, you can plot out as many details as you want, but in the end, part of the success of it depends on the other people you entrust to bring it all together. And while there will always be factors outside of anyone’s control (like the weather!) your moving day can either be smooth sailing or a downright disaster. Here are the Top 6 Things to Consider to ensure that your day is more of the former than the latter!